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Renewable Energy

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Solar based Irrigation Systems
The global energy demand is increasing at an exponential rate especially in the developing countries due to industrial and other infrastructure development. Although the fossil fuels, such as petroleum, natural gas, coals etc., offer a temporary solution to this problem, they cause the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the environment and are responsible for global warming and climate change. On the other hand, however, the natural energy sources, especially the fossil energies are also decreasing. Therefore, the discovery of energy sources other than fossil fuels has become a necessity, and the burgeoning demand and development of renewable energy is taking place all over the world. The objective of this research is to design and implementation of a solar power based irrigation systems.


Dr. Khosru M Salim

Dr. Abdur Razzak

EEE Admission

IEB Accreditation

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