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Optical Fiber Communication

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Intra-Channel Cross-Phase Modulation on High Speed Optical Fiber Communication System
Analytical estimation of phase fluctuations due to intra-channel cross-phase modulation (IXPM) on return-to-zero (RZ) pulse has been explored in details for both uncompensated single line transmission and periodically dispersion managed (DM) system. The aim of this research is to investigate optical pulse propagation operating at a speed of 40 Gb/s for both systems. Fundamental equations of optical pulse propagation in a fiber have been studied assuming a suitable solution for the Nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equation. Here we use variational method to examine the IXPM induced phase fluctuation analytically. Various dynamical equations have been derived with IXPM as a source of perturbation. Several ordinary differential equations for various pulse parameters such as amplitude, reciprocal of pulse width, linear chirp, central frequency, central time position and the phase of the pulse are obtained. These ordinary differential equations have been solved by Runge-Kutta method to find out the phase fluctuations due to intra-channel cross-phase modulation.
The target of the research work is to explore the effects of IXPM induced phase fluctuation with the variation of different parameters for both uncompensated single line transmission and DM system. The amount of phase shift is investigated by changing different parameters such as transmission distance, input power, duty cycle, bit-rate and dispersion map strength. Finally different transmission models will be explored to check an optimum model where the phase perturbation will be minimum.

Effects of Residual Dispersion on Intra-Channel Cross-Phase Modulation in Optical Fiber
The aim of this research work is to investigate the effects of residual dispersion on intra-channel cross-phase modulation (IXPM) induced phase perturbation in optical RZ pulse propagating in a periodically dispersion managed (DM) transmission line. The performance of different fiber-optic transmission models have been checked with different residual dispersion. The outcome of this research work is to choose a DM model with some residual dispersion so that IXPM-induced phase fluctuations remain low.


Dr. Feroz Ahmed

Md. Asheque Imran

Nitu Syed

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