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Microcontroller Based Intelligent Systems

Current Research

Microcontroller Based Intelligent Systems Design
Efficient use of energy becomes more crucial when increase in the cost of energy is observed. It is possible to measure the consumed energy by using a simple energy meter. But sometimes the limited functionality of these meters restricts their area of application; especially in inaccessible positions or in the situations where visibility of the meter is poor, it is not possible to use such an appliance. A possible solution is a Wireless Energy Meter (WEM) which is able to send its data via wireless communication to a central server where monitoring and analysis of the data will be easily made.
This research includes the design and implementation of a digital Wireless Energy Meter (WEM) based on PIC microcontroller. Calculation of the phase difference between current and voltage using Zero Cross Detection capability of op-amp is a distinct feature of this project. Current transformer is used to measure the current signal and a step down potential transformer is used to measure the voltage. GSM technology is chosen as a possible wireless solution to this issue.


Dr. Khosru M Salim

EEE Admission

IEB Accreditation

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