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International Students

The Independent University, Bangladesh is welcoming the foreign students and will be proud to be the home away from home of international students from around the globe. We have a number of resources and programs to help you adjust to the new customs and culture in Bangladesh.

About Bangladesh

Located in the north-eastern part of South Asia – Bangladesh is a land of enormous beauty having hundreds of serpentine rivers, luxuriant tropical rain forests, beautiful cascades of green tea gardens, the world largest mangrove forest-Sundarban, and the world longest sea beach-Cox's Bazar. People of Bangladesh are generous and hospitable by nature and like to live in peace. Bangladesh has a rich, diverse culture and history, its deep-rooted heritage is thoroughly reflected in its architecture, multifaceted folks like tales, myths, terracota, legends, riddles etc., dance, music and clothing. Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh. The temperature ranges from 7.5 degrees to 35.7 degrees Celsius.

University Collaboration

The University has established collaborations with top universities and institutions abroad.

List of institutions

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