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Graduate Admission Requirements

The conditions for the eligibility of an applicant for admission in Master's degree program:
(a) Completion of the baccalaureate degree from a university or an accredited institution of higher education.
(b) The applicant must have the CGPA of 2.6 or above (in a scale of 4.0), or at least high second class in the baccalaureate degree.
(c) She/he must have completed the enlisted prerequisite courses or their equivalent.
(d) Applicant, fulfilling the requirement (a) and (b) but not having completed the enlisted prerequisite courses or done them partially, will be admitted on condition that s/he will complete these courses in one or two extra semesters.
Evaluation of applicants for admission is based primarily on the student's academic record with particular attention being given to past performance in relevant undergraduate coursework. Applicants are expected to have sufficient knowledge in undergraduate level mathematics and familiar with common computer software packages. Provisional admission can be given to an applicant awaiting the result of his/her baccalaureate.

Admission Procedure

Application to graduate programs of the university would be directed to the Registrar, IUB within the deadline as announced. After the completed application is received, the application would be forwarded to the school of the graduate program. The school would decide whether the student would be able to meet the standard of the graduate program as set by the school. The school has its own method for determining the acceptance of an applicant. The decision would mainly be based upon last academic records of the students, but may also require personal interview with the student. After the school has determined that the student would be acceptable to them, the school would inform the Registrar about their decision. The office of the Registrar would complete the admission procedure to the graduate program.

Admission Classification


A 'Regular' admission would be granted to a student if the student meets the minimum admission requirement set by the academic unit where the student wants to pursue the graduate program.


A student may be granted a 'Provisional' status if the student does not meet the minimum admission requirement set by the school. In this case the student, generally, has to undertake certain number of prerequisite courses, as determined by the school, to meet the deficiencies. The admission would be made 'Regular' once the school has determined that the student has fulfilled the deficiencies identified by them.


All students accepted to any graduate program of the University is expected to be enrolled in the consecutive Autumn and Spring semesters until the program is completed and the degree is awarded. However, student who cannot enroll for any reason must apply to their academic unit for a leave of absence.


Each graduate program has one or more members of faculty who serve as graduate advisor/counselor.

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