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Students completing undergraduate courses from other equivalent reputed universities may apply to transfer their credits in relevant courses. A committee of courses in the EEE department will evaluate the course materials and earned grade to transfer their credits in relevant courses.


Graduate courses completed elsewhere may be transferred for a Masters degree program at IUB. Such graduate courses must be completed at an accredited institution with a program similar to that of IUB. Generally a maximum of nine credits of graduate work completed elsewhere may be transferred towards a Masters Degree at IUB. Thesis credits must be completed at IUB. Transfer credits would not apply to any Masters degree if the course credit is more than five years old at admission. Credits completed by correspondence, extension education are not transferable to graduate courses at IUB.

University Collaboration

Syllabi of IUB are designed to suit credit transfers and postgraduate studies abroad. The University has established collaborations with top universities and institutions abroad.

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